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The Torture Device is a sinister idol created by Alison for his slaved employees to worship as a god while it was still being constructed. It was going to be used as an ending triggerer in The Return to Freddy's 5: Story Mode, prior to its recent cancellation.


The Torture Device resembles a cross between a human and its namesake-A torture device. Various metal instruments and sharp spike-like rods cover the outside of its body. Its "skin" is presumably a rusty metal of sorts. In its original design from Teaser Game 3, its "skin" seemed to resemble snakeskin. Its head resembles the head of Torture Lockjaw. Its mouth has two rows of teeth on both the top and bottom jaws, with the Endoskeleton jaw. Its eyes are not the "eight-spoke sunburst eyes" that other Torture suits have. Its eyes resemble the eyes of Torture Golden Lockjaw, which seem to be human eyes encased by endoskeleton eyes with metal spikes protruding into the eyeball.

There seems to be what appears to be human flesh or blood surrounding the eye sockets. There are also four hair-like appendages protruding from the head, which look very similar to Gron's jester hat. The lower half of the Torture Device's body resembles its top half, with the body ending at its fully intact feet.

Game Information

The Torture Device was meant to be located on Floor ?, after the player accessed this floor by putting the pattern into the secret brick wall and opening it. When the player reached to this floor and encountered the Torture Device, they would've had various options of what to do with it:

  1. Getting into the Torture Device, resulting into the player's death in it, thus fulfilling the prophecy and getting the Normal and True Ending of the game.
  2. Destroying the Torture Device, allowing all of the other Torture Suits to escape from Fazbear Inc. and bring the Apocalypse to the world.
  3. Abandoning the Torture Device and leaving the factory, resulting into the building falling appart for some unknown reason.


  • When it appeared on the menu in the abandoned Clickteam demo, the background turns red.
  • It is unknown if it will be a threat, as the times it was shown in-game (demo), it was slumped on the floor.
  • It was believed to be a kid-friendly attraction at Fredbear's Family Diner.
  • It is believed you needed to crush the Torture Device.
  • The Torture Device is going to appear in Tycrazmania as a character known as Torturlifa Devicida, alongside Fairytale Ty, The Unknown/The Beast, Papa Frank, and Sugula.
    • It is said to resemble "a tortured, fleshy, disturbing and nutty looking skeleton with dreaded brown clothes", and is located in "a prison dungeon hung from his arms and legs with a large tube coming out of his back".


The Torture Device appears on the cover of The Return to Freddy's: The Dreadful Truth book and in the story.


  • Torture Device is the only character to have an image in the whole book.
  • It's revealed that the Torture Device is a false idol that Alison makes his enslaved workers construct and worship. It is said to still be under construction.

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