The Return to Freddy's 3
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Platform(s) Windows
Engine Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Developer BFPFilms424/Tyler
Release Date(s) Original: April 25th, 2015

Major Update(s): Cancelled

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The Return To Freddy's 3 is a FNaF fangame made by BFPFilms424/Tyler and a sequel to The Return to Freddy's 2. The main location this time around is Fazbear Fantasy Land. The next game in the series is The Return to Freddy's 4, taking place 15 years later. This game, along with the other games in the series, would’ve received a major update around the development of TRTF 5, but those have been cancelled, along with The Return to Freddy's 5.


A new entertainment is close to opening it's doors and reveal the legend from the past. They only have a few more things to salvage before it officially opens. The new entertainment is to be called Fazbear Fantasy Land.



Easter Egg Characters



The Return To Freddy's 3 Official Trailer-1499700067

The Return To Freddy's 3 Official Trailer-1499700067

  • In the trailer, Lockjaw was intended to puke blood during the twitching scene, though BFPFilms424/Tyler was unable to do this.
  • TRTF 3 was speculated to take place in 1998, as the closing ending states that Lockjaw was first made 40 years ago, plus the Nightmare Fuel section in TRTF 4 states that Frank Burt's Pizza opened in 1958. However, according to TRTF: The Dreadful Truth, the game actually takes place in 2015.
  • The update for this game would’ve added what at first looked like the Dead Child Ghost.
  • The demo of this game is the same one from the FNAF 3 Troll Game.
    • Meanwhile, the theme for the final version is a distorted mashup of the TRTF 2 & 3 menu themes.
  • Sometimes, when the game starts up, one of the 3 rare images of Lockjaw may appear.
  • If one hits DELETE while on the menu, the game will flash images of Lockjaw and Shadow Lockjaw along with the game over static and the jumpscare noise playing many times quickly.
  • The scene in the trailer with Lockjaw and the kid singing is similar to the Five Nights At Freddy's 2 trailer with the camera panning to the right to reveal Bonnie, with some kids singing London Bridge is Falling Down in the background.
  • The Return to Freddy's 3 is the only game in TRTF Volume 1 where the player doesn't have to worry about a limited power supply.


  • The "BACKSTORY" mini-game erases all of the save data upon completion. Main gameplay progress (Nights 1-5) would not be changed, but you would risk losing completion stars, extra nights, and the Extras Menu.





The demo's menu theme.


The static that plays after a jumpscare.

Sewer drips

The ambience in Fazbear Fantasy Land.

Music box3

The Music Box Tune On Cam 4.

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