TRTF Frankburt's Logo 1
Platform(s) Windows
Engine Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Developer BFPFilms424 and Bioninjagames
Release Date(s) Cancelled (planned to come out in 2017)
Download(s) None

The Return to Freddy's: FRANKBURT'S was a proposed sit and survive game for The Return to Freddy's Volume 2 (Other games contained in Volume 2 included The Return to Freddy's 5 and _RADSLA_) by BFPFilms424/Tyler and the prequel to The Return to Freddy's 5, before it's cancellation.

Known Gameplay

TRTF: FRANKBURT'S was supossed to have 5 Nights, a 6th Night, and a seventh night called "BEGINNING OF A NEW AGE", which was presumably meant to be a night were all of the Animatronics' AI were raised up to 20. The player was also able to move back and fourth in their Security Office. In order to win a night, they had to survive from the Animatronics until 8 AM. The game was also planned to implent a cinematic cutscene where the player would have been introduced to the establishment.


On Novemember of 2015, around the time when The Return to Freddy's 5 was still being developed, BFPFilms424 had hiddenly started working on a TRTF spin-off project with Bioninjagames called "FRANKBURT'S". A few months later on 2016, BFPFilms424 announced on his old twitter the name of the project he was working on in a cryptic code, along with a teaser on his official website showcasing Kitty FazCat's new endoskeleton. The message was then translated by the user "RoxasIIIKeys" into scrambled letters, which revealed the message to actually read Lockjaw's real name, Frankburt. A few days later, the game was changed from being a spin-off to an installement connected with the offical continuity. However, the develpoer eventually gave up on development after being told by theraphists to do so and gave Feline Animations the ownerships of the TRTF Saga. However, when F_A left the team and ToonsterGames took over, he transfered the ownerships of TRTF: FRANKBURT'S to ShaneTheBarbarian, who was also planning to revive the project but eventually cancelled it permanently.

Known Characters




  • The Return to Freddy's: FRANKBURT'S was said to come back during the TRTF Saga Reboot era as one of the various chapters of the continuity called "FRANKBURT'S: A different chapter", like it was originally intended. However, this was later revealed to have been a bait along with all of the other FNAF Fan-Game traits of the first chapter.



The Title Screen theme.


The ambience theme.


The Narration scene's background music.


The cutscene's first background music.


The cutscene's second background music.


The cancelled "Come On, Get Happy" song which can be found by clicking the radio in The Office. The song is originally from a season 7 episode of House M.D.


The song that was going to be used in the final cutscene.

Daughter - Medicine

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