The Bedroom is a mysterious child-like house that was planned to be the main setting of a cancelled Teaser Game 8 or 9 for The Return to Freddy's 5. Not much is known about this location, since it only appeared in THE END (Music Video).


It appears look like a child's bedroom, with blue walls, blue floor, a bed, an storage table, and two doors. The storage table has a bunch of purple, green, red an blue balloons, it also has a lamp with a plushie next to it. The floor and the bed also have plushies on them.

As shown in THE END, in various alternate views of the room, there appear to be two doors. One of which is presumed to lead to the exit, and the other is shown to be the closet's door.

Game Information

Not much is known about what the player would have been able to do in the bedroom, as little to no information has been revealed about it. The only thing that is known is that the player was capable of turning to the back, similar to the Nightmare Minigame of TRTF5.


  • It is believed that this location was meant to replace Carson's House on the Nightmare Minigame, but was never added due to the sudden cancellation of the game.

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