This article contains all the textures from the game files of each game in The Return to Freddy's series up to date.

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The Return to Freddy's Classic


Sugar is a animatronic that was originally present in The Return to Freddy's Classic when it was called "Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Fan-Game". However, she was removed due to copyright reasons. The textures for Sugar are still presented in the game's files.

The Return to Freddy's 2


Springtrap is an animatronic that was going to be added in The Return to Freddy's 2, but got removed due to changes in plans. However, a few files for her can be found within the game's file.

Despite her removal, the player can experience an eyeless Springtrap screen very rarely. In one of the minigames, Springtrap was used as a suit by Purple Guy as well.

Here are the only two files for Springtrap in the Custom Night menu screen:

Original Beta Models

Most of the animatronics of the game were originally going to look quite a lot different in the early stages of TRTF2.

The Return to Freddy's 3


An unused photo of Lockjaw is in the game's data. There appears to be none of Fazbear Fantasy Land's lighting in it.

The Office

There exist 2 animations for the sides of the office that go unused. One with a flickering light, possibly an alarm similar to the one in FNAF 3. The other appears to be the Office without Power, indicating at a possible Power Mechanic that was scrapped.

Custom Night


There exists text in TRTF3's files saying the words "Custom Night" hinting that there was very likely originally going to be a custom night instead of Funtime Fright Mode like in TRTF 1 and 2

The Return to Freddy's 4

The Asthma Meter (misspelled as "Asma Meter") is an unused game mechanic for The Return to Freddy's 4. Not much is known about how this works, but it was planned to return in RADSLA, but didn't, as RADSLA was cancelled. Lockjaw was also seen in an image showing him staring into The Office, but it was never seen in the full game.

The Return to Freddy's 5

Game Title

The Return to Freddy's 5 was formerly known as The Return to Freddy's: Remastered and The Return to Freddy's: Rebooted.

Hybrid Animatronics

Hybrid Animatronics were Originally the antagonists of The Return to Freddy's 5, while it was called remastered. They were Scrapped and replaced by Torture Animatronics. Their designs were Mangled, Broken down animatronics with parts from others.

Hybrid Toy Animatronics

The Hybrid Toy Animatronics (Toy Freddy, Toy Chica, Toy Bonnie, and Mangle) we're planned but were scrapped early on due to memory limits. Their models have never been shown to the public.

Popper Ping

Popper Ping was a torture animatronic, who was cut from the game, due to memory limitations.

Torture Tealer

Torture Tealer was a torture animatronic, who was cut from the game due to unknown reasons.

Unused Torture Sugar Design

Torture Sugar had a different design on a teaser once Feline Animations took ownership of the game. The design was scrapped, as it didn't resemble the original Torture Sugar at all.

Torture Ripdoll

Torture Ripdoll was a torture animatronic, who was scrapped from the game. It is unknown why this is, but it's most likely to be the lack of people knowing about him/her.

Co-Op Mode

Co-Op Mode was originally going to a multiplayer mode where you could play with other players in a 8-Bit arena trying to find various objects scattered throughout the map. It was scrapped due to many people trying to impersonate BFP on it and ram limits.

G.P.D. Mode

G.P.D. Mode (GoldieParaDiner mode) was originally going to be a mode in TRTF 5 that would be like a casual sit and survive FNaF Fangame. Torture Fredbear and Torture Spring Bonnie are the only known antagonists of the mode. It was eventually scrapped by Feline Animations due to ram limits

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode was originally going to be a mode in TRTF 5 that was based off of FNaF World. You could play as any of the characters from the TRTF Series including some other fangame characters and joke characters (such as Adventure Gramps, Adventure Lickjuice etc.) Like the other modes it was eventually removed due to ram limits.

Sabani Mode


Sabani Mode was originally going to be a mode in TRTF 5 back when it was still known as "TRTF: Remastered". Close to nothing is known about Sabani Mode and what it was going to be. The only reason we know it exists is because it can be seen in the TRTF: R Main Menu Teaser game. Sabani Mode appears to be named after BFP's old fangame-dev group "Sabani Games" which him and a couple of his friends were in.