The Teaser Games of The Return to Freddy's 5 are small games that are supposed to explain parts of the entire game.

Teaser Game 1

Teaser Game #1 is the first teaser game of The Return to Freddy's 5, when it was TRTF Remastered. It explains part of the background for the game.

In the beginning, its shows Vincent and Gron with The Machine, supposedly trying to destory it. Decades later, The Machine starts to malfunction and creates the Hybrid animatroncs, first Hybrid Freddy, Hybrid Bonnie, Hybrid Chica, Hybrid Foxy, Hybrid Lockjaw, and Hybrid Kitty. The other Hybrids are not seen.


  • This is the only teaser game that the player cannot move or play, that is because this teaser game is suppose to explain some of the background.

Teaser Game 2/Protect Your Son

Protect Your Son (also known as "Teaser Game #2") is the second teaser game of The Return to Freddy's Remastered. It is the last teaser game before the game gets renamed to The Return to Freddy's: Rebooted.

In this teaser game, the players gets to play as the Gron, who has to protect Lockjaw child from Lockjaw animatronics. After a while, the final boss, A giant Lockjaw head, appears. The player has to beat him in order to win the game.

Good Ending

When the player beats the final boss, it starts to explode into a million pieces. Soon after a while, the minigame ends, the player is back to the beginning of the minigame.

Bad Ending

If one of the Lockjaw animatronics touch the son, the player will be attacked by a very long jumpscare, along with some child screaming and a few moans. The player is brought back to the beginning of the minigame.

Teaser Game #3

Teaser Game #3 (also known as "Stole Sugar heads"), is the third teaser game of The Return to Freddy's Rebooted. It is the last teaser game before the game gets renamed to The Return to Freddy's 5. In this game, a thief is required to steal Sugar heads from an unknown factory, presumably Fazbear Inc.


In the one and only ending, the thief has successfully stolen all of the Sugar heads.


  • Even if the player didn't "steal" all of the Sugar heads, the game will still say that you have successfully stolen everything.

Teaser Game #6

Teaser Game #6 is the fourth teaser game in The Return to Freddy's 5. In this teaser game, you will have 3 options to choose. '

Main game

The only thing that you can do is to look around. Later, the lights will start to flicker on and off. Nightmare Lockjaw jumpscares the player afterwards.


Vincent minigame

In this minigame you play as Kitty FazCat child.You need to back-stab Vincent.

This minigame has only one ending and you can't go out from the room.

Golden Lockjaw minigame

it's a first minigame category. You will play as a possible employee of Fredbear's Family Diner. On the floor will appear Golden Lockjaw (or possibly Torture Golden Lockjaw) with blood but it's seems to be an empty suit without dead employee inside.

Father & Son minigame

In this minigame player will be able to control Lockjaw child and on left of room stays Father if player reaches him the room gonna reappear with blood and dead kids. To end minigame player goes inside Lockjaw suit.

Torture Kitty Minigame

The player can able to control Torture Kitty FazCat and player will see a dead kid near arcade but unfortunatly Torture Kitty can't save him rather go to exit doorway.

Lockjaw Minigame

When starting the minigame, you play as Lockjaw. As the minigame progresses, the walls seem to seep in, and start to close on Lockjaw. After it fully closes, the text "Life is but a Butterfly's Dream...".

Gron Minigame

You play as the Gron. You run around catching falling bloody limbs. After a while, Gron falls to the ground, crying. Then, he starts to remove something from his body, possibly his jaw. Torture Golden Lockjaw later jumpscares the player, and ends the minigame.

Never Happy

Player can be able to control a dead Lockjaw child. He will appear unhappy. In a first room a kid will be running and there will appear a sprite of Torture Shadow Lockjaw when player moves to a second room he will see The Unknown and Kitty Fazcat kid.


  • Oddly, this is the 4th teaser game in the series, while the title saying this is the 6th.

Teaser Game 7

Teaser Game 7 is the fifth teaser game in The Return to Freddy's 5.

In this game you are in an "Undertale" like battle against "MECHA PONIATOR".

Teaser Game 1



Teaser Game 6