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Jester-In-A-Box was going to make its debut appearance in The Return to Freddy's: FRANKBURT'S , as a major antagonist. It is a Jack-in-the-box animatronic that is used at FRANKBURT'S presumably as tribute to the "Green Jester" who worked on the first Fazbear Establishment.


Jester-In-A-Box appears to be a simple Jack-in-the-box animatronic, based on Grön. Its chest appears to be made out of multiple differently colored rings connecting its body to its box. It appears to have simple endoskeleton arms, and no visible eyes. It also appears to be wearing a jester hat, that has a purple base along with red spikes atop it with yellow bells at the end. It also appears to have green skin.


Jester-In-A-Box would have started on one of the many locations of FRANKBURT'S , and would've made its way throughout other areas of the establishment to your Security Office. It is unknown how the player would've defended themselves from Jester-In-A-Box nor from any of the other animatronics of the game.


  • Jester-In-A-Box's model was made by Bioninjagames.
  • Jester-In-A-Box was originally suppossed to make a brief appearance in The Return to Freddy's 5 in a minigame where the player could control it by using the keys "W", "A", "S", "D" to move. Not much can be done in the minigame other than walk around the room and move to another one, which, like the previous one, doesn't have that much to look at.
    • This makes him the only character from FRANKBURT'S to appear in TRTF5.
  • The theory about J-I-A-B being a tribute to Grön may be true due to its fitting with the timeline, as TRTF: FRANKBURT'S takes place years after his supposed demise.
  • After talking it over with BFPFilms424/Tyler, User:Obscurity became the newest owner of the Jester-In-A-Box character, as he was "no longer deemed relevant to the series".[1]

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