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Golden Freddy has been throughout the whole TRTF series.
— Nightmare Fuel, The Return to Freddy's 4
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Fredbear, nicknamed Golden Freddy due to his resemblence with Freddy Fazbear and suit color, is an animatronic that Mike Schmidt hallucinates during his nightshift. He serves as one of the antagonists in the classic edition of The Return to Freddy's, and starts moving on Night 6 and onwards.


In this game, Golden Freddy's appearance was reused from Five Nights at Freddy's 2. His original jumpscare was Freddy's power out jumpscare from FNaF 1, recolored to be Golden Freddy. However, when an update to the game came out changing it to the FNAF 2 jumpscare.


Starting from Night 6 and onwards, Golden Freddy will randomly appear inside of the player's office. After he gets into the office, various different images with his face and the text "IT'S ME" will flash in front of the player. The player must then very quickly put on the Freddy Mask or else he will jumpscare the player, then ending the night.


  • Golden Freddy's behavior is similar to Shadow Lockjaw's behavior from The Return to Freddy's 2.
  • Golden Freddy appears to be a suit that was used by Vincent, as in a Death Minigame, Golden Freddy goes to the Party Room.
  • Unlike his later appearences, Golden Freddy isn't actually that rare at all, and he will commonly appear on Night 6 and onwards.

Golden Freddy makes a re-appearance in The Return to Freddy's 2 as an easter egg. He was originally a entertainer at GoldieParaDiner alongside Spring Bonnie in 1943. Fredbear was then later discontinued and put into storage at Fredbear's Family Diner, where he is a hallucination that Cawnoth Cotts experiences during his night shift.


In the Original Version, Golden Freddy's model is exactly the same as Freddy Fazbear's model in the game, but with a few changes like wires poking out of his head, arms, and legs, a greenish gold-like color, and empty eyesockets. He also seems to have a rusty endoskeleton like all of the other animatronics from the game.

In the planned Major Update, Golden Freddy's appearance was considerably changed. His model was modified to be less spheric and majorly improved, being equiped with an actual endoskeleton. His golden color's scheme was now changed to be more yellowish and his top hat and bowtie were turned purple, both in order to resemble the original Fredbear from FNAF. Wires are still poking out of his body, but they are now more smoother and less stacked. His design overall resembles the Major Updates Freddy Fazbear.


Golden Freddy starts in Parts/Services Room, albeit off-camera, and will rarely teleport into the player's office on any night. When this does happen, the player must then very quickly put on the Freddy Mask to defend themself. If the player doesn't put on the Freddy Mask in time or wears it too late, Golden Freddy will then jumpscare the player, making them have to restart the night.


  • In the alpha version, Golden Freddy was originally a character with the Springtrap head from Five Nights at Freddy's 3., only with one Foxy-like ear and a hat.
  • Again, in the alpha version, Golden Freddy is literally impossible to dodge.
  • Golden Freddy and Shadow Lockjaw are the only characters to appear in the office, while the others just jumpscare the player.
  • Sometimes, upon starting the game, a rare screen of Golden Freddy can appear and crash the game.
  • It is stated on the Night 2 phone call by the Phone Guy that Golden Freddy is actually a scrapped prototype Freddy suit.
    • This was later confirmed to be retconned in the TRTF: The Dreadful Truth book.

Golden Freddy returns once again as a minor hallucination in The Return to Freddy's 3. He acts as a hallucination, like the past 2 games. He is completely harmless to the player, however.


Golden Freddy's model is exactly the same as his model from the second game, except he's now a lot more dusty and has a darker color.


On very rare occasions, Golden Freddy will appear laying on the far left wall of The Office. He strangely actually doesn't even do anything other than sit next to the player. If the player brings up the Monitor, Golden Freddy will mysteriously dissapear from your Security Office.


  • Golden Freddy is only animatronic in the game that doesn't attack the player besides Shadow Lockjaw.
  • Golden Freddy looks so worn out as a result of his age, being a very old animatronic.
  • There is a easter egg very similiar to this that happens in Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's 3 in which Shadow Freddy will appear laying in the corner of the office, also unable to attack. It is very likely that Golden Freddy's behavior in TRTF 3 was inspired off this.
  • The player can get a Golden Freddy plush if they beat the "A Past to Remember" minigame.

Golden Freddy returns once again in The Return to Freddy's 4, as a minor easter egg and hallucination.


Golden Freddy's model changes, its head shape is like Freddy Fazbear's TRTF4 version, but it is not floating. It has a texture similar to wood, and is limp like in TRTF3.


On very rare occasions, Golden Freddy will appear laying the corner of the player's office, making a crying noise, similar to that of a child's. Similiar to TRTF 3, Golden Freddy is strangely actually completely harmless and can't actually attack the player. If the player flips up the Monitor Golden Freddy will leave the office.

Nightmare Fuel Description

Golden Freddy's description reads: "Golden Freddy has been throughout the whole TRTF series. Kills you on TRTF1 and 2, and just a hidden easter egg on TRTF3 and 4.".


  • When Golden Freddy appears in the office, it is possible that he may let Freddy and Lockjaw into the office, even if the lever is used.
  • Upon closer inspection, Golden Freddy is the least damaged and very dusty.
    • The reason why is because it's been shown that Golden Freddy had been hidden in a bunker for so long.

In The Return to Freddy's: The Dreadful Truth, it is revealed that Golden Freddy was a Springlock Suit that served as an entertainer at GoldieParaDiner, alongside Spring Bonnie. Despite this, his Torture Suit counterpart would have appeared in the main game instead if the game hadn't been cancelled.

The Return to Freddy's Classic


The Return to Freddy's 2

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The Return to Freddy's 4

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The Return to Freddy's Classic

The scream that Golden Freddy makes when killing the player WARNING: LOUD!

The Return to Freddy's 2

The Screech emitted when Golden Freddy kills the player WARNING: LOUD!
J-Scare x6-0

The Return to Freddy's 4

The sound emmited when Golden Freddy appears sitting inside The Office.


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