Freddy Fazzy Funtime is the second location to be indepently owned and feature characters from Fazbear Establishments in the TRTF Saga, and the location that serves as the main setting of The Return to Freddy's 4.


The area is a dump and in the process of cleaning up. The entire building had a red tint to it, many tables with party hats, some hallways with arcade machines, wires hanging from the ceiling, and a couple of animatronic props.


On August 8th 2030, 15 years later after the closure of Fazbear Fantasy Land, the previous owners of the restaurant grew up to adults and decided to make another Fazbear Establishment of their own called "Freddy Fazzy Funtime". They used the very first Freddy Fazbear's Pizza that was also used for as a TV Studio for a TV Showbiz called "Captain Frankburt and his Scurvy Crew". After Blake's sixth nightshift, the other owners came back to see that Blake was dead and the Golden Lockjaw suit disappeared. When the police arrived and the investigation was put to play, one investigator named Carson came up to the owners and apologized for the loss and promised that he was going to make sure that Fazbear Inc. will never cause these crimes again.



  • Blake (Co-owner and Night Guard)
  • Wilson (Co-owner and Phone Buddy)
  • Chun (Co-owner and Phone Buddy)
  • John (Co-owner and Phone Buddy)



  • This is the first location not to have Foxy and Chica as active animatronics.
  • The newspaper has text around it. It contains messages from Tyler, such as: WIP. The others are one saying mew a lot of times, another explaining and how he met Kitty and fell in love with her. And another explaining that Lockjaw's real name is Frankburt.

The Return to Freddy's 4

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