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FloraTheWolf, also known as AFlorablePuns, was one of the developers of The Return to Freddy's 5 and her own series Five Nights At Fang's: The Golden Days. She owns the character "Fang the Golden Wolf", who was going to appear in some games of the franchise such as TRTF5 and TRTF: Frankburt's.



  • Five Nights at Anthony's (Cancelled)
  • Five Nights at Fredbears (Cancelled)
  • Five Nights at Fang's: The Golden Days (Cancelled)
  • Five Nights at Fang's 2: The New Beginning (Cancelled)
  • The Dawn of Fang's (Cancelled)
  • FNaF 3 totally reel edition (Gamejolt Deleted the page)
  • Project Lolipop (Cancelled,Another Person Continued)
  • Lost Media: Alexa's Diner


  • On her Deviantart and Twitch profile, she goes by another name known as PikachufunGaming. However someone on DA gave her core membership and she renamed herself to thefangsomewolf.
  • On Deviantart, Fang revealed he (at the time) changed his gender to female.
    • She prefers now to be called either Flora The Wolf or AFlorablePuns or Arekusa.