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  • Floor 2, the floor located above Floor 1?
  • Floor A, the floor located under Floor 1?

Floor 1 is the first floor of Fazbear Incorporated that the player was meant to investigate in The Return to Freddy's 5: Story Mode.


In Floor 1, there are multiple pipelines, ceiling-located cables and drawings of the animatronics placed on the walls. The ceiling, walls, and floor are noticeably made out of cobblestone, and the latter is infested with multiple rocks, crates, and barrels. On the crates, there seems to be an empty Lockjaw head, and, leaning on the barrels, a Fredbear poster similar to the ones in Five Nights at Freddy's 3, with many blood-written words reading "GUILTY" and "NEVER FORGIVE."

Game Information

During gameplay, Torture Lockjaw, Torture Freddy, Torture Bonnie, and Torture Foxy were intended to appear during the player's exploration through this floor and attack the player. In order to avoid being killed by them, the player must have to carefully listen to the foot-steps, breathing, drool-drippings and groans of the Torture Animatronics. If a sound is heard, the player must have to either turn off their flashlight and stay still until the animatronic has moved to another room or hide behind objects such as crates or walls in certain spots. To exit this floor, the player has to find the key, open the locked door, and travel through the Elevator to the next floor.


  • The words "GUILTY" and "NEVER FORGIVE" on the Fredbear poster might refer to how a character in the TRTF Lore feels guilty about something.
    • This character could have been either Carson or BFP.
  • In the second trailer of TRTF5, Torture Lockjaw and Torture Bonnie are seen on this floor, confirming their appearance.

Floor 1 is the first floor of the Gilbert Facility, and the player's starting location in _RADSLA_.


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Game Information

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The Return to Freddy's 5: Story Mode





Unfinished Demo

Unreal Engine 4

Pre-Release 2/3

Pre-Release 1


The Return to Freddy's 5: Story Mode

Full Game

The background music heard while gameplay on Floor 1.

Ambience tesla

The cries of many tortured enslaved employees that can be heard during gameplay.


The sound heard upon obtaining keys.


The sound that is heard upon unlocking the cage door.


The sound heard upon exiting Floor 1 and entering Floor 2.



Floor 1's ambience from the first Pre-Release of TRTF5.


Floor 1's ambience from Pre-Releases 2-3 and the UE4 Version of TRTF5.

Ambience tesla