FRANKBURT'S is a strip-club establishment used as a secret criminal institution by its owners, and the last location to be linked to Fazbear Incorporated. It was supossed to serve as the main setting of The Return to Freddy's: FRANKBURT'S, before the game was cancelled.


FRANKBURT'S appearance seems to resemble the main floor of Fazbear Fantasy Land. However, the location appears to be more cleaner than any of other establishment from the saga did, having various arcade machines throughout the place, show stages with stripper poles, dining areas, several lightspots and purple lightning around it. The second floor that the previous "Frankburt's locations" had is nowhere to be seen.


FRANKBURT'S was constructed at an unknown time during the 21st century. It was a strip club establishment, indirectly lead by Alison and runned by his right hand man[1], mainly used as a low cover criminal institute and disguised as a closed-down children's play area so nobody would notice any suspicious activity going on the place. Most of its assets were ripped-off from Frankburt's Pizza, such as its main mascots and the location's overall layout.

On 2035, after a recent incident at Freddy Fazzy Funtime that made the authorities realize that many of these deaths were linked to Fazbear INC., an investigator named Carson was commanded to travel to the building and shoot the criminal gang down. When Carson got into the building, a fierce gunfire between the criminal gang and the investigator had started. Most of the gang members died during the gun battle, leading up to the investigator's success and abandonment of the establishment.


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  • It was baited for the TRTF Saga Reboot that one of its chapters was going to change FRANKBURT'S from being a stripclub into something much more different (unspecified what).
  • When ToonsterMusic took ownerships of the TRTF Saga, he was originally going to write off the events of TRTF: FRANKBURT'S and _RADSLA_ from the lore, including the locations they took place.
    • However, due to popular demand, Toonster decided to keep both of those in the lore, but instead of keeping FRANKBURT'S as a stripclub, he changed it into being a bar.

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