Carson's House is a location in The Return to Freddy's 5 and the previous home of Jackson and Carson. It appears in a minigame after dying that takes place in a nightmare, and as in the old Extras Menu.


Carson's House appears to resemble an avarage home that a common family would have in real life. It has a couch with a Lockjaw plush on it, walls filled with star decals that also holds kid drawings of BFPFilms424, TheFangsomeWolf and Jfun300. There are also two doors, one of whom shows a glowing blue light.

Game Information

During the minigame, the player would have been able to turn back and forth and use the "flashlight" by pressing "Ctrl". After a while, Nightmare Lockjaw will appear and try to kill the player. In order to defend yourself, you will have to ignore the animatronic and turn to the other view. To win the minigame, the player has to stay alive until the nightmare ends.


  • Carson's House was originally BFP's house when this character had the protagonist role in the old lore of the game.
    • It was also meant to be used in the Extras Menu, where the player would have been able to view the jumpscares, the endings, the minigames, and the credits through the TV.

The Return to Freddy's 5

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