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CAM 09 is a location in The Return to Freddy's 3 within Fazbear Fantasy Land. Lockjaw is the only animatronic to travel through here.


CAM 09 looks very similar to many of the other rooms in Fazbear Fantasy Land. There is hardly anything that can be seen in this camera, aside from a few children's drawings and posters on the wall, along with some wires hanging from the ceiling. This camera's view is, noticeably, very dark.

CAM 09 is a location in The Return to Freddy's 4 within Freddy Fazzy Funtime. Every single animatronic in the game passes through this location before entering the office.


CAM 09 seems to showcase a long wide hallway with two arcade machines visible up against the wall. A dismantled Foxy suit can also be seen, supported by a steel pole at the end of the hallway. A spare Bonnie head can also been seen on a steel pole near the entrance to The Office too.

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