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Bioninjagames is a game developer and was the previous owner of the TRTF Saga. After he cancelled TRTF 5 on February 6th, 2017, however, he removed the rest of the games in the saga on GameJolt, leading the original creator of the saga, BFPFilms424/Tyler, to officially end the series.


Games Created


  • Around November of 2015, Bioninjagames had hiddenly started working on a TRTF spin-off project with BFPFilms424/Tyler (which was later turned into an installement connected with the official continuity) called FRANKBURT'S. The project and Bioninja's paritcipation were revealed a couple months later.
    • However, according to the "A Story" video, Bioninja wasn't really interested on working on the project anymore since he didn't like the "shift in plans", but in reality, it was actually due to creative differences between the developers.