Tyler Ahlstrom (a.k.a. BFPFilms424) is the creator of the The Return to Freddy's series, His official website can be found here.



  • He voiced Phone Guy in TRTF 1, 2, and the pre-recorded messages in 4. He also plans on doing the voice work of the new TRTF game.
  • For a brief period of time back in late 2015, BFP's username was PoniatorFilms.
    • His new username was based off of this YouTuber's username.
  • On a Google Document, BFP states that he has broken up with Kitty and has instead prefered to be refered to as a female.
    • However, ToonsterGames confirmed that BFP is genderfluid, and not transgender.
  • On October 4, 2016, BFP states on Twitter that he got some therapy, and took their advice to just leave the FNaF community and let TRTF die.
  • BFPFilms is currently working on an original game called "Tycrazmania" that is based off of Crash Bandicoot.
    • Eventually, the game's focus shifted from a video game to a book series and film adaptation, both made by Tyler himself.
  • BFPFilms used to be the leader of Sabani Games (a group that consisted of various FNaF Fangame Devs). However he eventually abandoned the idea and everything from the site was removed.
  • He was going to make this game called "A Story" that would be about Tyler and his experience with game developing (a lot like "The Beginner's Guide"). However the project was eventually dropped in late 2015 due to unknown reasons.



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