This article contains characters and/or events that were cut during development.

Adventure Lockjaw(s)/Frankburt(s) are the tender and childish versions of Lockjaw/Frankburt that were going to serve as playable characters in The Return to Freddy's 5: Adventure Mode, before the mode was scrapped from the game. They were going to be voiced by BFPFilms424/Tyler.

Adventure Tortured Lockjaw is a tender and childish version of Tortured Lockjaw and a proposed playable character for TRTF5's scrapped Adventure Mode.


Adventure Tortured Lockjaw is a small humanoid animatronic made out of, what seems to be, a glossy plastic casting, that has red cheeks on his head, which appears to be withered in a similar style to the original Tortured Lockjaw, along with big cyan-colored eyes and brown hair. His body and arms are painted in a light blue color while his pelvis and legs are painted in a dark blue color, resembling clothes. He wears a black fedora with a red stripe along with a black bowtie and a small button on his chest and black shoes. His skin appears to be of a pinkish tone, although this is actually due to the lightning.


Launches a power blast out of his hands, does several damage.


  • The "DBZ" attack is a reference to the "Kamehameha" attack, from the anime "Dragon Ball Z".
  • His original counterpart, Tortured Lockjaw, has a white stripe on his fedora, while this version mysteriously has a red stripe. It is unknown if this was done intentionally or if it was just an oversight by BFPFilms424/Tyler.

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